SuperComputing 2018

Global Petascale to Exascale Science Workflows Accelerated by Next Generation Software Defined Network Architectures and Applications

Network Connections

100GE WAN Connections:

5 x 100GE Ethernet connections

  1. 3 x PRP
  2. 1 x FIU
  3. 1 x Caltech dedicated

Dark Fiber 100GE Connections

6 x Dark Fiber

  1. 2CRSI
  2. Dell
  3. Ethernet Alliance
  4. Mellanox
  5. Univ of Michigan
  6. Vanderbilt

Dark Fiber 1Tbps Connections

  1. Caltech
  2. Data Intensive Science

Network Topology

The OpenFlow SDN network topology is composed of Dell Z9100, Mellanox SN2700 and Inventec switches, providing a multitude of 100GE ports with a total switching capacity of above 10Tbps (full duplex). These switches support Openflow 1.0 and 1.3 and are compliant with the latest version of OpenDaylight (ODL) Beryllium controller. Arista 7280R switch-router with deep buffer was used to SCinet for WAN handoff.

WAN Diagram

This diagram shows in general the external sites involved in the data transfers.

Rack Layout

Rack layout for Caltech Booth 2537

Caltech Booth 2573

Rack layout for Caltech Booth 2437

Caltech Booth 2473