SuperComputing 2012
Enabling Scientific Discoveries with the LHC Data Distribution Over 100 Gigabit Networks

Caltech Press Release

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - During the SuperComputing 2012 (SC12) conference November 12-16, an International team of high energy physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers led by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the University of Victoria, and the University of Michigan, together with Brookhaven National Lab, Vanderbilt and other partners, smashed their previous records for data transfers using the latest generation of wide area network circuits.

Multiple 100GE Network Demonstrations

With three 100 gigabit/sec (100 Gbps) wide area network circuits set up by the Ciena, SCinet, Internet2, CENIC, CANARIE and BCnet, Starlight and US LHCNet network teams, and servers at each of the sites with 40 gigabit Ethernet (40GE) interfaces, the team reached a record transfer rate of 339 Gbps between Caltech, the University of Victoria Computing Center in British Columbia, the University of Michigan, and the Salt Palace Convention Center in Utah. This nearly doubled last year's overall record, and eclipsed the record for a bidirectional transfer on a single link with a data flow of 187 Gbps between Victoria and Salt Lake.

OpenFlow Network with MPTCP Demonstration

This work is made possible by the strong support of the US Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

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