SuperComputing 2011
Moving Towards Terabit/Sec Transfers

New: 40GE Fast Data Server Design

SuperComputing 2011

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SuperComputing Conference 2011 was held in Seattle Convention Center, Washington State. Caltech Booth showed different network centric and data intensive transfer demonstrations to the visiting researchers.

100GE Network Demonstration

Caltech HEP team along with University of Victoria, demonstrated how Peta Bytes of data can be effectively transferred using highly tuned servers and transfer applications like FDT. We crossed several challenges where the newly obtained PCIe Gen3 BETA servers were crashing along with Mellanox NIC reporting framing errors thus losing traffic. The setup is explained under the planning link. Brocade MLXe-4 100G switch-router and Dell-Force10 Z9000 switch worked flawlessly providing a 120Gbps port-channel among them with no packet drops, more details

During CHEP2012, this work was presented in a poster session and a presentation was made on designing high transfer data servers.

DYNES Collaborative Demonstration

DYNES is a nationwide cyber-instrument spanning approx 40 US universities and 14 Internet2 connectors. DYNES team includes Internet2, Caltech, Univ of Michigan and Vanderbilt Univ. During SC2011, Caltech, Internet2, FIU and Univ of Michgan demonstrated how DYNES Instrument can be quickly deployed among different participants. DYNES data transfer is based on Caltech's FDT based circuit initiation and data transfer software and was successfully tested during the SC2011 and demonstrated through MonALISA monitoring platform.

An international team of physicists, computer scientists, and network engineers led by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and partners from the University of Victoria, University of Michigan, Fermilab, Brookhaven National Laboratory, CERN, San Diego (UCSD), Florida (UF and FIU), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro State University, UERJ, and State Universities of S Paulo, USP), Korea (Kyungpook National University, KISTI), joined forces for a collaborative and effective massive data transfers during the SuperComputing 2011 (SC11) conference.

This work is made possible by the strong support of the US Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Science Foundation.

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